Pastor's Sermon Showcase


There is a French Proverb that states, “Life is like an onion, which one peels crying.”All of us have had times when the winds of adversity have overtaken our sunny days. Maybe that is where you are at right now. You feel like that you have been placed upon the anvil, and difficult things keep pounding away at you. After the initial blunt blow, you are left stunned, wondering what hit you…what went wrong…how did this happen? It is the difficult things in life that test the core of who we are. These times will either—Strengthen your resolve concerning your faith in God, or they can shake the very fabric of your faith, leaving you with endless question of despair.


The Sermon Series entitled, Discerning the Difficult will explore the different emotions that we all face and gives us biblical principles to help us navigate down the road of life. I encourage you to listen to the sermon series online. The sermons can be located under our resources tab.


May God bless you as you learn to Discern the Difficult.


Missional Until He Comes,

Dr. David L. Sampson

Psalm 96:3